Carrie & John Trax

Zigzag Mountain Art

John and Carrie are natives of Pennsylvania and immigrated to Oregon in 2005. Both are photographers and enjoy traveling over much of the Pacific Northwest.

John had an early interest in film photography but largely gave up on art until he and Carrie moved to Oregon. The incredible beauty of the area inspired them to pick up a camera again. Digital photography seemed to click with John. His images have been used for book covers, published in newspapers and used on numerous websites and blogs, including Food Network and the Wall Street Journal. His fine art work is available in several Oregon shops and galleries as well as online.

Carrie's passion for food has been with her as long as she remembers. After moving to Oregon, she became interested in the food and capturing it photographically. She started her own food blog in 2010 ( where she used her skills to turn recipes into works of art online. Her work can now be found in Oregon galleries and she is delighted that others are able to share her food passion through her art.

Red Barn in the Orchard.jpg
Red Barn in the Orchard.jpg