Cherilyn SunRidge

Cherilyn is a Colorado native, with history on the open Great Plains of Nebraska, rolling dells of Wisconsin, Bay Area and Southern California, Rocky and San Juan Mountains, and fifteen summers working as a geological field assistant in the fjords of SE Alaska. She studied interior design as a young woman, yet painting stole her affections and she continues to draw from her mountain wilderness upbringing (and now Oregon nature-gatherings and experiences).  

She is a process painter, and her work offers a calm, yet bold, visual for contemplation. It focuses on mending the split of our deepest selves from Source, using land and figurative interpretations as well as medicine hoops. She paints these with a feeling of celebration using uniquely stylized compositions.

Every canvas begins with scribing the four sacred directions; they may remain apparent, or they may be painted over, yet the cross underlies everything built onto the piece. Then, she employs circular forms that represent life’s healing continuum with earthy explorations that have a narrative sense as well as a touch of mythology.


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