Jen Henry

The Magpies Muse Jewelry

Jen Henry’s jewelry is far more than a fashion accessory. “It’s a stepping stone towards well-being – elemental, energizing, and uplifting,” Jen explains. She begins each piece with one raw ingredient – copper. “I love that copper is a periodic element that not only has high conductivity but is an essential nutrient for our body. It helps maintain healthy bones and may help prevent cardiovascular disease.” Jen then either darkens her pieces through oxidation or hand paints them. This contrast energizes her work, as does her passion for asymmetry. One of Jen’s favorite movies is the Secret of NIMH, in which Jeremy and Mrs. Brisby are unlikely companions, but somehow work together beautifully. This dynamic not only inspired her business name, but inspires her asymmetrical designs as well. Like Jeremy, Jen thinks of herself as whimsical, adventurous and attracted to shiny objects. Fun, floral, and geometric designs abound. Her bold blossom earrings give us a wearable garden of blooms!