Jerilyn Walker

Sisters Cove Jewelry

Jerilyn’s jewelry is artwork that can be worn – timeless, one-of-a-kind pieces for a lifetime of wear. As one customer says, “Jerilyn’s jewelry is the artistic focal point set against the canvas of my clothes.” This artistic connection with the wearer is no accident. Her work is sparked by her connections, her inspirations flow from her connection with nature, and her art sales are grounded in her connection with her sister.

Jerilyn’s jewelry-making grew out of that special sisterly bond. “It was my sister who put me out on the streets selling,” Jerilyn chuckles. The two share a studio and a partnership known as “Sisters’ Cove.” With connections in both Hawaii and the Northwest, you can find their work in Waikiki as well as the Portland metro area.

Jerilyn’s love of nature shapes her designs. “Nature provides the beautiful elements for my artwork,” she explains. Her inspiration spills over into her creative process as well. “I use precious metal clay and a detailed process to create work that is 99% silver,” she tells us. “In my artwork, you will find the exquisite remnant of the natural element forever contained within the silver form that remains after the firing process, creating one-of-a-kind pieces.”