Melissa Sleasman


Melissa, an amateur photographer based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, uses photography as a way to interact with the world around her. As a way to show appreciation for the beauty that is all around us every day and a way to be present, mindful and engaged with surroundings, she also uses photography as a way to speak to people in a way that her introverted personality resists.

She is typically drawn to details and patterns so her images are often focused on isolated subjects or just a portion of what's in front of her. This allows her to keep images simple and provides unique views of common subjects.

Melissa's subjects include nature, abstract patterns and really anything else that captures her eye. She's drawn to vibrant, saturated colors but also loves the simplicity of black and white.

She is always looking for ways to learn and grow in her photography, so Melissa is always exploring new subjects and techniques. The one thing that remains constant is the love of interacting with her surroundings in a creative way.